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The Key to Successful Audits Using the ISO 19011:2018 Framework
The recently updated ISO 19011:2018, provides excellent guidelines for the risk-based management of internal and external audit programs and auditors.
5 Management Systems Gaps Impacting Business Performance
To achieve sustained success, organisations need to use their management systems as a business tool that focusses on strategic success AND meeting the existing needs of its customers.
Risk Management Techniques For Sustainable Business Success
Preparing for and responding to issues and crises is a commonly experienced task for all organisations around the world.
Remote Audits Within The Food Supply Chain
Few people would have thought, six months ago, that the world would be fighting a global pandemic with many countries in some form of lockdown and economic activity drastically reduced.
Optimising Online Learning During COVID-19
SAI Global Assurance is pleased to be able to support clients online and virtual training options, including webinar and specially structured pod-casts.
Food Service: A Safe Food Option During COVID-19
What are the implications of COVID-19 on the global food industry, and what does that mean for you, the consumer? And can you help?
How To Achieve And Maintain A High Food Hygiene Rating To Protect Your Brand
The *2019 Food Standards Survey reports 66% of consumers refer to the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme results to help them make decisions about where to eat or buy food. These results clearly demonstrate that food safety issues can seriously damage a hospitality business, but a five-star food hygiene rating can improve it.
Cyber Security Is More Than a Compliance Requirement, It’s Your Business’ Reputation
The rapid spread of digital technology is enabling organisations to quickly roll out new products and services to meet shifting customer demands.
Exploring the Link Between Food Safety Culture and Brand Resilience
So your product is compliant. But does that mean you actually have a culture of food safety? Brands today need to be proactive in building customer trust, which is the best protection against the short- and long-term harm a food incident can cause to an organization.
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